Guilty of Awesome!

Introducing Mini-Munchers: Wildly Addictive Corn Chips Mayhem from PIPS!

Experience snack-sized awesomeness with our mini corn chips. These guilt-inducing bites are packed with incredible flavour and made of just corn. Get ready to indulge in the epicness of PIPS Mini-Munchers. Embrace the guilt,
embrace the awesome!

Try Mini-Munchers and taste the guiltily awesome difference!

opinions from pipsquad'

  • My wife took over and..

    My wife took over and ate all of the corn chips and she loved the taste, crunch and low calories. She also fell in love with the popcorn. I can't keep your products in the house and now she wants me to reorder after initially telling me not to buy that junk.

  • I love the size, crunch

    I love the size, crunch and balance of salt with the yumminess of the white popcorn. It tastes so Indian.
    The flavours are delicious and the crunch is obsessive. Been consuming them as an on-the-go snack, Packed lunches, Movie night, Kids, Midnight snacks, Parties, Binge-watching my favourite shows & more...

  • More natural alternatives.

    I really like this popcorn. Does not have all the junk other popcorn has and is much healthier. If you are trying to lean out - this is the one to try. If there was less or no salt it would be even better.