Lemon Chilli Corn Chips (12 Packs)

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Guilty of Awesome!

PIPS Lemon Chilli corn chips are total volume crunch, but light enough that you’ll want to eat them right out of the bag, too!

Your taste buds can’t help but dance and lemony spice, so get pipping! It’s a favourite for bold-flavour lovers like you. Uniquely shaped and perfectly seasoned with the perfect amount of salt & lemon chilli spice. They are packed full of plant protein, fibre & Less Junk. We bet It's Deliciously Different.

PIPS is a vibrant and rapidly expanding consumer packaged goods company based in India. With a dynamic presence in key markets across India, we specialize in crafting innovative snacks that blend unique flavours and premium quality.

From savour to spicy, our diverse range of products reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in every bite. And yes they are better for you while being fun.

✓ No Palm Oil
✓ Amazingly Crunchy
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Gluten free
✓ Cholesterol free
✓ Vegan ( Excluding Cheese & Butter Popcorn )
✓ Whole grain
✓ 0 g trans fat per serving

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Corn, Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Lemon Chilli Spice Mix.

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Customer Reviews

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This is the first time I found a brand that's genuinely making healthy food. In chips, never could I find a brand with no palmolein oil, no sugars and no maida. Finally one day I found this! The chips are healthy, very tasty and very reasonably priced. Feeling very proud that this is an Indian brand as well. Thanks for the amazing job of making healthy food in a tasty and reasonable price which I never expected!

Devenndra Chaandrakar
It's awesome!

The taste is awesome! It's a next level snack